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Be curvy is not a crime, but …

We have to learn to distinguish curvy and obesity: always be sure of who you are, but always have the ability to look at you from the outside.

One of the greatest accusation to fashion and/or advertising is mainly to have developed in the minds of the people “the skinny standards” for the physical forms. Many persons rebel to them, raising their “curvy” vision of this standards. But in this debate the extremists are on both sides often. 

I believe that the healthy message “pro-fat” hold out to make curvy person to feel good about their appearance. Just as I am convinced that there are so many intelligent people who starts a “no-fat” messagge for being in good health beyond the standards and not just for aesthetics. But the way that put being overweight as a quality does not differ from the way that put being underweight as a quality. In both of the cases we are talking about diseases and IMO you can not make disease like a virtue. 

So, feel more comfortable with your body, whatever you are curvy or thin. And if you don’t see yourself pretty, for a personal factor and not for what others may tell you, you have the right to lose weight or gain weight without someone accusing you of anything. But be honest with yourself: your self-esteem can’t make you believe that being obese or anorexic is a virtue. Always be sure of you, but always have the ability to look outside. Because retreat into a world of total security is not so different from being closed in a world of total insecurity.

photo by Exterface

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