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MercatoMonti, Rome

MercatoMonti is the appointment on Saturday and Sunday in the center of Rome to buy the best novelties in vintage and craftsmanship

It ‘s a bit difficult to talk about markets, especially in Rome. There are various, some historical, others more recent. And if the variety allows you to choose, on the other hand there is always the doubt that some are riding the trend.

I know MercatoMonti since I moved to Rome. I also had the opportunity to participate with a project of mine and this has allowed me to know it more deeply. Among the various markets I visited, I like the choice of exhibitors of MercatoMonti. I found them always very professional. This is something that I don’t think all markets point: I found “hobbies” projects made by passionate people who, although they have my respect for their passion, offered a “common” product in its particularity .

Buying bags made by a teacher who works in the field of their prototyping of bags and accessories is not a typical thing for a market. Emerging designers offering dresses maybe “too bold” for a “traditional shop” is not a typical thing for a market. Yet all this I found to MercatoMonti. I know that buying at MercatoMonti, I bring home a good product.

Obviously, there are many exhibitors that do not meet my taste, some are too expensive and others are modeled on the “hobbies”. But if I have some money on Sunday, I’m sure to find something that I not only enjoy, but that will appeal “high fashion” between accessories and clothes of MercatoMonti.


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