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Men Trend 2013: Ethnic

This summer the ethnic trend ranges between different cultures, leading to a wide range of exotic patterns and ideas applied to Western leaders

Take inspiration from other cultures is something that often happens in fashion. It’s easy to see how creative stimulation can be drawn from the various ethnic groups that surround us, and it seems that this influence is likely to grow more and more. This summer the ethnic trend, however, does not focus on just one part of the world or people (in the past just remember the Aztec or the Far-East or Indian patterns?), but ranges from different cultures, leading to a wide range of exotic patterns and ideas applied to garments traditionally “Western”. This trend is well suited to a current wardrobe, especially after the great attention that fashion has already had for the prints.

Bottega Veneta

The simplicity of Bottega Veneta has turned into a variety of garments inspired by medieval tunics of England (Robin Hood style). The collection has made use of warm colors, textured fabrics such as velvet or suede, and the lacing cross in place of buttons, reinforcing the feeling of ethnic collection. V-neck, oversized garments, pants mid-thigh.


E. Tautz

Other designers were slightly lower with ethnic influences. E. Tautz has borrowed references from cMoroccan, Sudanese and Abyssinian clothing, but applying them in a more sober. Alleviating the ethnicity, the brand has played primarily on very strong colors.



Missoni, whose inspiration came from South-East Asia, has focused instead on different variations of terracotta and earth tones. The collection also includes ethnic patterns applied to jumpers and knitted short-sleeved V-neck.


Other designers have chosen to show the ethnic influences in their collections through the choice of models. Jean Paul Gautier for example, has characterized his collections with silk turbans that they have added a very regal touch to clothing. Rich fabrics and soft colors used reminiscent of the Indian royalty. Etro instead continued to show jackets in oriental style supplementing their paisley print, which has been applied to everything.


Finally, the ambitious collection by Yohji Yamamoto showed fantastically colored pants with reams of fabric and elasticated ankles, giving a feeling almost “Aladin”. Probably they aren’t pants worn every day, but the silhouette created and the bold use of color – from orange to blue water, as well as black – make it an unforgettable collection.


The high fashion designers are not the only ones to embrace other cultures and use ethnicity as a source of inspiration. The lookbook for many brands such as H&M, Topman, Asos showcase a number of important ethnic pieces and prints very stylish and contemporary.
It is undeniable that the ethnic groups have a huge impact on fashion around the world, with influences that add variety to the range of items available for the modern man. Do you like this trend?

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