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Trend Summer 2013: All Over Tshirt Printing

One of the trend summer that is becoming increasingly popular within the streetwear of summer 2013 is all over the tshirt printing

One of the trend that is becoming very popular in the streetwear men (but also women) fashion, especially this summer, is the all over printing tshirt. We have always been accustomed to the illustrations, phrases, or images of the tshirt mainly concentrated on the chest area, length to the navel. Sometimes on the back or on the sleeve. The only alternative to this limit is the use of fabrics, developed through pattern (for the most part geometry). The idea of a single image that camping on the whole tshirt seemed impossible, but thanks to the development of printing techniques we can now turn our bodies into real art works thanks to fully printed tshirt.


Types of all over printing

Obviously the images choices can be the most disparate. I personally have traced them to certain types (me and my obsession to catalog!). The “traditionals”, that proposes (as for the traditional cloth) geometries, pure or floral. The “artistics”, that refers to artworks (paintings of ancient and Renaissance). The “naturals”, dedicated to the world of astronomy (the famous galaxy prints but also sky, clouds) or nature (animal, etc.). I go crazy for those “artistic”:  the idea of bringing on the street paintings that are imprisoned in museums excites me! Do you like this trend? Which genre interests you most?

// photos from Karma Loop

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