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Reggie Yates x Burton Menswear London

Reggie Yates, one of the most popular among young British entertainers, has created with the brand streetwear Burton his capsule collection: discover it!

It often happens that celebrities are contacted by brands to create their collections or products. For example, we have become so accustomed to the fact that each year is created the scent of the new pop star of the moment that we wonder how they almost have to, in addition to singing ability, even olfactory qualities of so remarkable! It happens, however, that Reggie Yates, one of the most famous among the young English presenters (last program, The Voice), has always been very attentive to fashion, present to at all the English fashion show, is contacted by a streetwear brand like Burton (of the same company Topman, Topshop, etc.) to create a capsule collection own. And it appears terribly credible!

Among the secret passions of Reggie it seems there has always been photography, and this special capsule collection of t-shirts and yank yops becomes the perfect medium to show his archive images through an all-over print on the clothes. The photos choices offer something more personal and meaningful of the presenter: show a different life and interesting that Reggie led, where the journey and the music have an important place in the line of eight pieces. These represent a pair of huge prints of flowers, in absolute harmony with the trend of the moment, the “festival mosh pit” (photos of the pogo of the audience during the music festivals), street scenes (in blue and gray) and waste electrical parts.

The t-shirt can be purchased online at Burton.


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