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Shimla Jewellery, Rock collection

Shimla Jewellery presents its Rock Collection with bracelets made of crystal stones and bracelet rope - an iconic status in rock


We all know that imple accessories, if worn in the right way, can change the whole look of an outfit. The brand of luxury accessories Shimla has embraced this idea becoming a cult in the fashion world. If you have not already seen this brand Instagram account of some celebrities, will be familiar because the main elements of their bracelets (crystal beaded and rope bracelet) have now become an iconic status.

For 2013, the brand is launching six new collections, the most recent of which – the “Rock” collection – turns into a unisex style and offers a mood more “dark” than the original designs. The emphasis in this collection is placed on simplicity, using materials like black onyx, Czech crystal and knotted leather large with chunky silver claps, and intertwined with skulls, crosses and semi-precious stones.

Each of these elements has been mixed and matched perfectly to create five models of bracelets – including the gothic “Skull & Fire” and the dark “Onyx Cuff” – each of which has been handcrafted in London and designed to be worn alone or mixed together according to your style.





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