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Top 5 Halloween Cocktails

5 Halloween cocktails that you can propose to your friends if you are an expert or simply if you want to have fun

Top 5 Halloween Cocktails

Just missing over a month for the scariest night of the year, Halloween. Become a tradition also here in Italy, the night of October 31st will be the perfect opportunity to spend some time with friends, anticipating the Carnival with most macabre (and imaginative) masks that you know. The party most successful are the ones in the house, where there is a chance to experience “fear” even with food and drinks. So, if you have no idea of anything original to prepare, here are 5 cocktails that you can offer to your friends either you are an expert or simply want to have fun! 

Black Devil Martini

Black Devil Martini

This variation requires only a small change to the Martini standard recipe, but will create the right atmosphere for any Halloween party. Simply mix dark rum with dry vermouth, straining in a martini glass. As seal a “devilishly” dark olive (instead of the green one)

Blood Orange Margarita

Blood Orange Margarita

It’s a regular margarita, but with blood orange juice instead of lime. The reddish color will give your cocktail a beautiful ruby light, perfect for any vampire guest that can appreciate a classic revisited.[/toggle]

Witch's Brew

Witch’s Brew

This cocktail itself is quite easy to make and can be conceived in a non-alcoholic version in case some of your friends is a teetotaler (or should take the lead). It dissolves a lime gelatin with boiling water, add the pineapple juice and allow to cool. Just before your guests arrive, use tongs to place a block of dry ice into a plastic cauldron, then cover with water to create mist. Put the bowl of gelatine on top of the ice, and add chilled ginger ale and vodka.

Devil's Punch

Devil’s Punch 

To counter all the Halloween candies you need a super sour mix. This little creation is packed with delicious mouth-puckeringly ingredients: mix tequila, orange liqueur, limoncello, sour mix, orange juice and ice, and served in an elegant tumbler. Diabetes disappear!

R.I.P. cocktail


If you are not used to prepare the pumpkin pie (as in the classic American tradition), there is another way to enjoy the taste of traditional Halloween. Shake vanilla vodka, orange juice, lemon juice and pumpkin spiced liquor: you savor one of those refreshing drinks that perhaps you will not make less even after Halloween.

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