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Hugo Boss, not only formal shoes

The Hugo Boss shoes, such as perfumes and accessories, are in high demand by fans of the brand, sold throughout the world in more than 5000 stores.

Harrods, Fashion blogger, Guy Overboard

When you think of the fashion house Hugo Boss you probably first think of men’s suits. Certainly Hugo Boss has built up its huge empire partly by designing and creating tailored suits made from the finest materials that are always on trend. Yet Hugo Boss shoes are also very much in demand by fans of the brand, as are fragrances and accessories, and these are sold all over the world in more than 5,000 stores. In the UK, one of the most famous stockists of Hugo Boss is Harrods of London.
Originally founded in 1923, the brand has expanded into womenswear and accessories from their menswear and fragrance origins. 

You may think that the formality of the traditional Hugo Boss suit extends throughout its range and that Hugo Boss produces formal shoes only. However, Hugo Boss shoes are incredibly diverse.
These shoes always warrant a second glance with their sleek designs and eye-catching detail. Sneakers, drivers and boat shoes are just some of the available styles and all are made with the same level of care and attention to detail. The use of traditional colours that contrast perfectly with each other in a single design are what makes the sneakers so popular, whilst the loafer styles add a touch of class to a more casual outfit. They do also make traditional Oxford dress shoes that complete any outfit for a formal occasion.

Whether you want to buy classic leather dress shoes that will complement your formalwear or some sneakers that look smart and on trend, then Hugo Boss has a wide range of styles and designs to choose from. Browse in any of the brand’s stores or stockists’ stores (based in over 100 countries) or online, or be sure to visit their concession on your next visit to Harrods in London or when browsing the Harrods’ website.

Harrods, Fashion blogger, Guy Overboard

Harrods, Fashion blogger, Guy Overboard

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