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Lush #GayIsOk – What if your love was illegal?

Lush presents the soap Amore and promotes with All Out the campaign #GayIsOk for the recognition of LGBT rights as human rights

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June 26, 2015 will go down in history: the United States recognized gay marriage as a constitutional right.

From June 25th to July 6th, 825 Lush stores worldwide will ask its customers to answer the simple but incisive question “What if your love was illegal?” showing themselves with the golden soap, symbol of a campaign to cries the world why #GayIsOk

Buying soap golden, called Love for the occasion, customers will support the LGBT association who struggle every day for the recognition of equal rights. #GayIsOk campaign aims to raise $250,000 through the sale of the soap Love. $50,000 will be donated to the association All Out for the continued battle in defense of love and equality. The rest of the profits will be completely divided between those LGBT groups that will send the grant application by All Out.

The Love soap may be considering illegal in some markets since it promotes a positive image of gay rights. More than 100 Lush shops in the world also can not sell it because of anti-gay laws in force in many country. In 76 countries in the world to be gay is considered a crime. In 10 it may cost your life.

Up you can find the promo where I have answered the question “What if your love was illegal?”

lush, cosmetics, sapone, amore, gay is ok, all out, LGBT, gay pride

photo by Giacinto Mozzetta

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