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Cover iPhone6 3D Silicone

Always carry with you a calming with the iPhone6 ​​3D silicone cover. Protective and stylish, for all creative and wild people

cover 3d iphone6 silicone, valfrè case chill 20mg

In a world of things made in series, customization has become a way to distinguish not only the product, but also ourselves. And the world of technology, that may seems cold at first look, has no exception.

If you are from 90s, you’ll definitely owned a Nokia 3310, one of the first feature phones to apply the concept of personalization through “masks” (they were called like that!) that replaced the entire front of the phone. A new way of declaring (again) their personality through an object that, shortly thereafter, would become everyday as much as a watch.

Now that technology has moved on, certain ideas haven’t changed. The feature phone has become a smartphone, the screen is magnified, became touch and masks have become “cover” with the utility to protect and personalize smartphones.

But the evolution has focused not only on the technology. Even covers have made giant steps, changing materials and forms, and coming to give the impression of a device with a completely new aesthetic: 3D covers, real “toys” to be applied on the smartphone, turning them in the most strange objects (from animals to drink, through fruit and pastries).

Cover iPhone6 3D Silicone

Among the various 3D covers, I find that the silicone one are the most comfortable. The material is washable (considering where we leave our smartphones!), not hard and not heavy to handle. And having to choose one that suited my personality I opted for a pill cover iPhone6 3D silicone. Yes, a pill! Because, despite the pill makes us come to mind unpleasant things – such as medicines or even worse drugs! – I find it a truly emblematic symbol of life: a small object that contains something big. Something that will heal you, make you feel better (or worse!), Sometimes contains something unexpected. But it’s all there, concentrate and at your fingertips.

So if you also take life in pills, hoping that it is always the right to swallow, you will be glad to go around with a smartphone in the form of a pill!

Buy here your pill cover!

cover 3d iphone6 silicone, valfrè case chill 20mg

cover 3d iphone6 silicone, valfrè case chill 20mg

cover 3d iphone6 silicone, valfrè case chill 20mg

Photo: Giacinto Mozzetta

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