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Monster, my customized covers for iPhone6

With GoCustomized you can realize your hard or soft, wood or cork customized covers adapting to all smartphone models

go customized cover personalizzate iphone6

Why monsters and customized cover iPhone6, you say? Let me tell you.

Adele is an amazing singer not only for her voice, but for her humor and unpredictability. One of the moments that I loved in this new period of her career is the Carpool Karaoke, the idea created by James Corden to host in a car around the town artists and re-sing them.

During her Carpool Karaoke, Adele has been amazing rapping the lyrics of Nicki Minaj in Monster, the song by Kanye West that unites two great rappers as Jay-Z and Rick Ross, and the wonderful indie-folk band Bon Iver.

That verse has “haunted me” from that time and also the original song, that I knew a bit, began slowly becoming part of my daily playlist. And those verses, which quite strongly illustrate the plight of people trying to do something “big” (from there, monster), which is regularly criticized, have also become an hymn for me, a way to exorcise this blog experience, with which I try to build something bigger and where it is easy to be criticized.

Customized covers GoCustomized

When I had the opportunity to be able to create custom covers, it seemed natural to look at that beautiful song, helped by a series of illustrations that reproduce mouths (of different shapes and colors) inspired to monsters .

Obviously, this is the idea that came to my mind but thanks to GoCustomized you can create your own custom cover, maybe photos of your travels, adapting not only to the various devices (iPhone, Samsung, but Nokia, Motorola, etc.) but also to different models. The Monster for example are made of a transparent soft cover, but it is also possible to customize hard or book covers, made of wood, cork or leather.

If you also want to scream to everyone that you are a “motherfucking monster” here you can download the design of the covers I made and use them for your own cover.

Download the customized covers for iPhone6

go customized cover personalizzate iphone6

go customized cover personalizzate iphone6

go customized cover personalizzate iphone6

go customized cover personalizzate iphone6

Photo: Giacinto Mozzetta

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