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Stradivarius Man, the menswear line of Stradivarius

Stradivarius Man, the first menswear line of Stradivarius dedicated to urban, cosmopolitan and fashionable clothing in February 2017 in all the stores

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Confirming the rumors, menswear line for Stradivarius bets for 2017. With this strategic move, the shop decided to expand its target audience and attract men between 20 and 30 years.

The news is not really surprising since, apart Uterqüe and Stradivarius, all of the Inditex brand have a line dedicated to menswear. However, we should wait until February 2017 to view and buy the first creations for men’s clothing.

Stradivarius Man, the new men clothing of Stradivarius

In the middle of last year Stradivarius began composing the design and sales team that will handle the menswear line in the headquarters in Sallent (Barcelona). References for the creation of men’s collections remain the same of the women: urban, international and trendy clothing.

Almost certainly this new line will be integrated within the stores of Inditex chain along the female one, doing the adaptations or widening of the places, but at this time they don’t plan to separate the two lines in different physical stores.

Stradivarius has closed 2015 with € 1,289 million in net sales, 950 physical stores, 40 new openings in the year and the online launch in China. It seems that the growth of the chain will be even more dizzying with the launch of Stradivarius Man.

*Update: Stradivarious Man has been blocked

Stradivarius Man collection unfortunately did not have the expected success. The brand has therefore decided to suspend it having not reached the reasonable sales threshold.

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