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How to match Custom Socks to your outfits

A trick to match the socks is to use a pattern: to give a personal touch to your outfit just create custom socks with your own pattern

custom socks polka dots happy socks

Sometimes even the simplest tasks can be daunting. Sometimes an easy choice can turn into something confused – especially when you have to focus on the details.

For many people it can be difficult to decide which socks match with your outfit. And it is especially the vastness of the models to overcome this easy decision. Fortunately there are some tips and tricks to keep in mind when you have to match your socks.

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A little trick to match the socks

The most foolproof method is to use a pair of socks that are darker or lighter than the pants you wear.

But for those who want to overcome this rule, the choice may fall on socks with a texture or a small pattern. This is a way to give a higher thickness to your look, especially if the socks are combined with bold materials like denim, leather, tweed, wool and corduroy.

custom socks polka dots happy socks

Create custom socks with a pattern

If you’re tired to use socks with striped pattern or childish doodles texture, it might be useful to point to custom socks with a pattern of your own creation. In this way you can really put your personal touch to your look!

One of the simplest pattern to create is the polka dot pattern. The polka dots are a timeless printing, depending on the size of the circles and their quantity within the pattern. The custom socks that I created have a dark blue background, like a really classic mood, showing their extravagance in the small polka dots with different and bright colors: orange, green, pink, yellow and light blue.

Opting for a special combination can be a great way to have fun with your clothes, saving you from the stress of choosing socks for the outfit!

custom socks polka dots happy socks

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