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Lush presents scented new products for Mother’s Day 2017

Lush presents the new collection dedicated to the Mother's Day, many limited edition proposals to give a sweet embrace of floral perfume

Lush, Festa della Mamma, Bomba da bagno Mum

Lush, a brand of fresh and handmade cosmetics, presents the new collection dedicated to Mother’s Day, many limited edition proposals to give a sweet floral embrace to the most important woman in her life.

Roses, orange blossoms, neroli, honey: essential oils and delicate fragrances confirm the distinguishing mark of this refined collection that does not give up originality. There are so many suggestions for filling mothers around the world: from the delicate pastel colors of the Mum Bomb, to the extravagant cheerfulness of the Ups-A-Daisy Bomb, to the sweetness of the Honey Kiss scrub lips.

Among the protagonists of the collection are also the Baa Bar sparkling, a relaxing labuca sheep, the lively Elsie The Giraffe, a juvenile giraffe with lemon and grapefruit, and Scrubee body scrub, a sweet honey bee full of cocoa butter and honey.


Gift Packs for Mother’s Day

The Mother’s Day collection is complited by the gift packs including Happy Mother’s Day, a real casket full of fragrant surprises. Here, also the packaging becomes a gift: the base is in fact a biodegradable shell of coconut that can become a pot for a plant. Or everything can be wrapped in a colorful Knot Wrap, a scarf used as a sustainable packaging alternative to celebrate the spring’s best and pamper all moms with a scent of perfumed love.

Lush, Festa della Mamma, Bomba da bagno Mum

Bath bomb Mom

Pop this fizzer in the bath and watch it release mellow yellow swirls of Sicilian lemon and sweet orange with refreshingly floral hints of rose. It’s the perfect accessory for a carefree afternoon: crack the window open, breathe in that fresh spring air, listen to the birds chirp and wash your worries away.

Quantità: 2.8 oz

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