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Men’s Jewelry Guide for Summer 2017

Rings, bracelets and earrings are an easy way to differentiate your outfit: discover the 3 key men's jewelry for this Summer 2017

Men's Jewelry

Keeping your look cool as soon as temperatures rise, it can be difficult. We want to wear as few clothing as possible, which always means wearing the same clothes: t-shirts, light jackets, denim shorts and sneakers. A combination that can tire easily.

But there is a solution. Just invest in a pair of men’s jewelry to add interest to your look. Easy, not bulky and available in many variations, the jewelry is an easy way to differentiate your clothing in the hottest time of the year.

Here are 3 key me’s jewelry to use for Summer 2017.

Men's Jewelry


While for many people a watch is the only accessory to keep on a man’s wrist, today’s tendencies tend to scare away this commonplace. The bracelets are perfect for adding personality and character to your summer look of lightweight t-shirts and denim shorts. This season looks especially at a clean design jewelry, slike a red seaman’s bracelet made of robust rope and anchor shaped golden hook.

Men's Jewelry


Harder to choose and to wear are the earrings. Easy to pass from an elegant young to a devil deliquent in seconds. The key is to keep things as simple as possible. Large earrings are traditionally associated with women’s clothing, so it is better to use thin earrings, no shimmering and in dark tones. The black button earring of this post allows you to have a bold and at the same time classy look.

Men's Jewelry


Rings can be mixed to fit a range of different summer look.

While gold for men’s jewelry always works well, rings in that metal tend to be excessive. For this reason you can choose oxidized silver, brushed brass or zinc, even lighter with cutting effects, inserts and engravings that move them from the “wedding” model.

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