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Where to eat in Rome: Movelab – Laboratorio Culinario

With his culinary laboratory Movelab tries each day to propose delicious and light recipes for those who wants a gesture of love

Movelab Laboratorio Culinario Prati Roma

The central area of Rome today known as Rione Prati has a very interesting history: all the urban layout was studied so that none of its streets had the dome of St. Peter as a background.

We are in the era before the signature of the Lateran Pacts and the relations between the Italian State and the Vatican were very tense. For this reason the names of the streets were chosen among the characters of republican and imperial Rome, Latin and pagan, and among the heroes of the Risorgimento.

Movelab Laboratorio Culinario Prati Roma

Movelab – Laboratorio Culinario

And in one of these streets, named Giuseppe Mazzini, there is Movelab – a modern bistro with great food, great quality and a variety of cuisine and dishes that allow you to appreciate the richness of the materials.

With his culinary workroom Movelab seeks every day to propose delicious and light recipes, for those who want to have a love gesture. Alongside the main meals, there is always a nutritional descriptive note specially designed by Dr Maria Cassano who can guide the choice of a good but healthy meal.

Movelab Laboratorio Culinario Prati Roma

What can you eat at Movelab – Laboratorio Culinario

The lunch of Movelab totally reflects the variety of dishes typical of this bistro.

To the Meatballs, with chicken or vegetables – served with a bowl of basmati rice – you can alternate a Salad created by yourself following the nutrition information on the menu – for example I have tried that of Chickpeas, Cus cus, Spinach and Courgette flowers.

Movelab Laboratorio Culinario Prati Roma

Alternatively, you can rely on Energy Bowls, full of all nutrients, with a low sugar content that can give you satiety – my Anti-Aging contains yogurt (which reduces the absorption of sugars), honey, mix of seeds, dehydrated fruits and red fruits, rich in antioxidants.

Movelab Laboratorio Culinario Prati Roma

There is space also for Club Sandwich, Piadine or Avocado Toast, that I tasted with Guacamole, Avocado and Pomegranate version, or if you want to stay on the classic you can try the Bagel with salmon and avocado.

Movelab Laboratorio Culinario Prati Roma

Where is Movelab – Laboratorio Culinario

The modern bistrot is located at Viale Mazzini 94/a, open every day from 8am to 10pm

Movelab Laboratorio Culinario Prati Roma

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