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How to choose the right watch: Timex Fairfield Rose Gold

Timex Fairfield Rose Gold è un orologio da 37mm, più piccolo rispetto alla maggior parte degli altri orologi da uomo, ma di grande impatto sul polso

Timex Fairfield Rose Gold, Men's watch

It may seems a little bit off, but in 2017 we should all be aware that only one size is not suitable for everyone. Learning how to dress up in the shape of your body is the key to appear at you best, but this wisdom doesn’t end with the clothing – it should also mark accessories.

Just like a long tshirt, a 48mm gold bracelet is not suitable for all men – we can apply the same rules. And since, among the accessories, the world of the watch is the most well-known, you need to understand how to choose the right watch. A watch purchased without having in mind the proportions of the wearer is not a wise investment.

Men with big wrists (here I am!) should consider how a watch will fit and appear when it is worn. Something too big could make your arm even bigger. For this reason, you must use a 37mm watch, smaller than most other male pieces, but with a big impact on a big wrist. Among the new models there is the Timex Fairfield Rose Gold

Timex Fairfield Rose Gold, Men's watch

Timex Fairfield Rose Gold

This men’s watch combines a stainless steel bracelet knitted to a minimalist face design of Timex, creating a watch with a really simple and uncomplicated taste. The polished round case, 8.5mm high, is made of metal with a mineral glass and a natural face. Indices are present on all quadrants, with an analogue quartz movement.

What’s new in such a simple watch is waterproofness – it can withstand up to 50mt underwater – but above all, the INDIGLO Night-Light, an original technology made by Timex that allows you to see the clock even in the dark. Not a light but an electroluminescent panel behind the face that emits a green brightness, similar to the digital clocks.

Timex Fairfield Rose Gold, Men's watch

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