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Frakal: your watch tells who you are

If you like clean lines and classic materials, Frakal watch reflects this lifestyle. Bold is a minimalist and slim wristwatch, made with quality materials

orologio oro frakal watch gold

Is it too much to say that a watch tells us a lot about us and our personality? Even if it doesn’t cover as much surface as a dress, you can understand a lot of a man from his watch.

And this choice doesn’t concern how accurate a watch is or how many features it has – also because with a smartphone in your pocket, technically, you wouldn’t need to buy a watch! It relates to aesthetics, to memories we associate it with, but also to our desire to invest in ourselves, improve and make it out as we are: adventurous or calm, impassive or meticulous, outgoing or shy.

With such a great choice of models it’s easy to go wrong: you have to find the watch suitable for your style.

orologio oro frakal watch gold

Frakal’s minimalist design

If you like clean lines and more classic materials, you are for sure a lover of minimalism. If your style idea is more bushy than eccentric, then what you wear on the wrist must follow simplicity.

Frakal watches reflect this lifestyle. A clean, minimalist and bold watch that combines aesthetics and cost. The watches are created with quality materials and go through three stages of control before being shipped.

The Gold model of Bold collection by Frakal that you can see in this post is designed for those who want something simplistic, slim and light (weighs only 42g!)! The black dial with Swiss Rhonda 762 movement and the 40mm gold plated stainless steel case is suitable for both day-to-day use and tie-down events.

orologio oro frakal watch gold

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