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A dinner in the garden: Palm Court, Hotel Hassler Rome

The beautiful Palm Court garden, located within the Hassler Rome hotel, is the perfect place to enjoy a full or a fast meal in an elegant atmosphere

palm court, hotel hassler roma

Hassler Rome, the prestigious hotel located at the top of Trinità dei Monti, as well as its hotel and restaurant activities with the famous Imago, a Michelin star restaurant, houses also a bar/restaurant: Palm Court.

palm court, hotel hassler roma

Palm Court, Hotel Hassler Rome

The beautiful Palm Court garden, located inside the hotel, is nestled between the walls of the convent of the SS. Trinità and the slopes of Colle Pincio. Thanks to its vegetation and its height it makes Palm Court a natural shelter from the sun, with a pleasant micro-climate even during the hottest hours of the evening.

The Palm Court is, in fact, a great place not only for dining or having a cocktail during the summer, between ancient walls and neoclassical statues, but also for a great dinner, supervised by sous-chef Marcello Romano, under the supervision of Executive Chef Francesco Apreda, already at the helm of the Imago.

palm court, hotel hassler roma

What you can eat at Palm Court

Unlike the restaurant, the Palm Court offers a varied menu, with the possibility of enjoying a full meal (with starters, pasta, main courses and desserts) and a fast meal, thanks to a selection of sandwiches made by the kitchen in every small particular – including ketchup sauce and mustard.

For example, I could taste the local flavors with a Courgette flowers Roman style and Parmigiana with Burrata, then go on with the appetizers: “Luciana” style glazed Octopus Salad (made with a sweet taste) and Tartare of Ricciola (with a surprise of peach and sparkling!)

palm court, hotel hassler roma

With the main courses we can enter in the new interpretations of the traditional recipes of the Roman cuisine, such as the Amatriciana style Mezzi Rigatoni pasta (with crispy bacon) and Puttanesca rice, with fresh and “summer” lime. Continue with the main courses, both of grilled fish or meat, as with the Roasted Turbot fillet and the Beef Filet in Parmesan Sauce.

And finally I let myself be tempted by the sweets with a Blueberry yogurt ball and a soft coconut biscuit, enjoying a green and quiet oasis made of lights and water games that create an elegant atmosphere.

palm court, hotel hassler roma

Where its the Palm Court

The beautiful restaurant/bar is inside the Hotel Hassler in Piazza della Trinità dei Monti 6, open from 7.00am until late

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