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Getting Ready for Your Holiday

Swimwear is a holiday essential: swim shorts are a good option because they can also be worn as shorts, leaving more space in the case for other items.

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If you are anything like me, you will be planning to spend a week or two away over the summer months. No doubt you have already started your preparations, so that packing is not a last minute rush. But sometimes it can be tricky to get started with your holiday clothes shopping.

In many cases, the best approach is for you to get the ball rolling by buying a few basics. Often, once you have tried them on it motivates you to go out and buy the other items they need for your break. To help you get started, here is a list of the basics you’ll want to pack.

Swimwear and shorts

Going to the beach is a free activity that everyone loves, so swimwear is a holiday essential. You can buy a great range of affordable swim shorts here. The nice thing about this retailer is that their clothing is available in sizes 30 to 64, which means that practically any man can find clothes that fit them well. Swim shorts are a good option because they can also be worn as shorts, leaving more space in the case for other items.

Shirts and t-shirts

Most men like to wear t-shirts or polo shirts while on holiday. They keep you cool, and do not take up a lot of space in the case. However, it is always worth packing at least one shirt as well. Shirts are ideal for slipping on at the beach if your shoulders start to get a bit red, or wearing to a restaurant.

A pair of long trousers

It is also worth packing a pair of chinos or another type of lightweight trousers. That way if you have a rainy day, everyone can still enjoy a day out without having to shiver. If space is tight you can always wear them for the journey, over the top of a pair of shorts. That way, if it is hot, you can pop into the toilets and slip your trousers off, so you can enjoy the journey to the hotel in comfort.

Decent footwear

You will need some decent footwear especially if you are planning to enjoy lots of activities whilst you are away. Before buying holiday shoes it is worth thinking about what you are planning to do whilst you are away. For example, if you are planning to go riding you will need a pair of proper closed in shoes.

It is important to buy your footwear several weeks before you are due to travel. This gives you enough time to wear them around the house, so you do not end up suffering from painful blisters while on holiday.

Where to find a good packing list

To avoid forgetting anything important I highly recommend that you use a packing list. This website provides you with a good base list, that you can easily edit.

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