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The 7 Leather Shoes Every Man Must Own

Every man in this enlightened age must own a great selection of shoes so here is a selection of pairs of leather shoes you have to invest in

leather shoes

Gentlemen: let’s talk shoes.

Too many of us have that one pair of shoes we wear for every occasion. Weddings, dates, business meetings, interviews – whatever the event, you slip on those cracked, faded, plastic shoes without realizing just how much they can drag your entire look down.

Every man in this enlightened age must own a great selection of shoes. Not only will you be able to complement any outfit beautifully, you’ll get far more praise for your taste in footwear – which goes a long way if you’re on that all-important first date.

So, guys, for your reading pleasure: 7 pairs of leather shoes you have to invest in …

Black Oxfords

An undisputed classic.

A nice, sleek pair of oxfords are shoe-perfection. Black-tie dinner? Best man at a friend’s wedding? Important meeting or interview?

Oxfords cover it all, and more. You’re best wearing these with a fitted suit or slacks, paired with a shirt or sweater. You can’t really pull oxfords off with jeans, though, so keep these for more formal events only.

Casual (Work Boot)

A good pair of rugged, robust casual / work boots work wonders with stylish jeans.

Whether you’re enjoying a day’s shopping with your girl on a blustery winter’s day or taking a leisurely hike through the woods in summer, these are absolutely ideal. Tough, resistant, comfortable – and don’t underestimate just how stylish these can be, either.

Go for a sandy or dark brown pair to match blue and black jeans alike.

leather shoes

Chelsea Boots

Now, this is about as stylish and timeless as it gets.

The Chelsea boot is a true work of art, combining comfort, versatility, and flat-out coolness to great effect. As they’re laceless, you can avoid any chill passing through your eyelets, and they’re easy to slip on & off; this is a big help in winter, when cold, muddy days make fumbling with laces a struggle.

You can wear Chelsea boots with cords or jeans for a smart-casual look, combined with a blazer, sweater, or cardigan.


Not only do these shoes boast an awesome name, they’re also incredibly stylish yet comfortable./p>

These lace-ups feature plenty of detailing, and are designed for casual wear. You can take these out of the closet when you need something cool to pair with jeans, but still want to go smarter than sneakers.

Choose a brown leather for maximum versatility: you can wear these with black jeans, blue jeans, and khakis too. The robust soles keep you comfortable and well-supported throughout the day, with a chunky heel.

You’ll also notice chukkas boast great grips – ideal for walking in the city and off the beaten path.

leather shoes

Rugged Boots

The rugged look is definitely in today.

A well-trimmed beard, tousled hair (or top-knot), and rugged boots will all create that hard-to-pull off ‘effortless’ effect. Without a doubt, the rugged boot works best with jeans, whether a pair of skinnies or straights.

With their high tops and their sturdy laces, these help to make your feet feel truly reinforced against any cold, wet, or challenging conditions. Wear your rugged boots on a night out with pals, and you’ll stand out from the crowd in their identical pumps or sneakers. Wear them to take your motorbike for a run along the highway, and you’ll feel well-protected.

Rugged boots look well-loved and edgy, and do more for a T-shirt & jeans than any sneaker ever could.


The loafer is beloved, iconic, and timeless.

Whether you wear these in black or brown, they’re simple and comfortable: pair them with a smart pair of jeans or slacks, for a classic smart-casual look.

There’s something traditional and sophisticated about the loafer, and if you take care of your pair, you can get years of use out of them. Being able to just slip them on and off is a minor but helpful benefit, too!

You can wear loafers with shorts too, if you want to cultivate a smart-casual look in summer. Just be sure to go barefoot – socks are a no-no.

leather shoes


Now, brogues might not be every man’s choice of shoe, but they’re still considered a classic for a reason.

When paired with the right outfit, brogues are brilliantly stylish and bold. Jeans and trousers alike are terrific choices – avoid khakis and shorts, whatever you do. These work best when worn with a crisp blue or gray suit for the office or a smart occasion.

Any of these leather shoes will help you look and feel at your best, for all occasions. The right pair can complete any outfit, leaving you supported, comfortable, and stylish all day (or night) long.

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