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How to get the best value for money when vaping on a budget

A large majority of smokers switch to vaping due to its financial practicality. This is because vaping is cheap if you do it smartly.


Allow me to state the obvious: a large majority of smokers switch to vaping due to its financial practicality, among other related factors. This is because vaping is cheap if you do it smartly.

Read on to find out how you could get the best value for money when vaping on a budget.


The temptation to use disposable e-cigs as a transition to quit tobacco is high as they are arguably easier to use. However, studies have indicated that disposable e-cigs are less efficient than open-system devices for an effective switch to vaping. Therefore, if you continue to use disposable e-cigs, you are potentially at a greater risk of reverting to tobacco cigarettes, which are also expensive.

For those of you who don’t know, an open system device allows a user to choose his, or her, own e-juice. If you are using anything from an SMOK Flagship with a Darkhorse RDA, or a basic Kanger Evod Starter Kit, you are using open system vaping.

Therefore, despite the fact that these disposables can have a lower price, and you can get solid discount deals for buying in bulk, doing so could damage not only the environment but also your wallet.


Everybody loves money-off deals, particularly vapers – because, let’s face it, we all end up outlaying more than we may on exciting new e-liquid flavours and the hottest hardware. Therefore, allow me to consider your budget as well as save you the online hassle by recommending the amazing discount deals offered by VapersWAREHOUSE if you’re looking for an eliquid clearance in the UK

They only offer TPD (Tobacco Products Directives) compliant e-liquids straight from leading brands such as Decadent Vapours, Bad Drip Labs, and USA’s famous Charlie’s Chalk Dust, and Cosmic Fog Vapors. Also, VapersWAREHOUSE saves you the clutter of coupons, and codes by giving you the discount automatically. I can tell from personal experience that they regularly add more flavours to their arsenal and their eliquid clearance deals are always worth looking at, so bookmark them immediately and get vaping!



It’s sensible to do your research before buying an e-cig setup. This is because there are many brands and products that are not made particularly well. Also, buying a dodgy product means you either need to fix it now and then, or ditch it for something more reliable and better. However, if you have budget vaping in mind, this is not a great approach.

We live in an age of hyper sharing and online communities where every device has forums, with loads of vapers debating its quality and effectiveness. Crawl the forums, watch video reviews, and ask veteran vapers about the most reliable setup that your budget will stretch to.


The thrill of vaping can sneak up on you. For instance, elevating your setup to a higher-wattage device, or switching to dripping with an RDA, can make it really easy to blow through your e-juice. Besides, falling in love with a flavour, or having a bulk of e-juice will also increase your vape intake.

As a result, always track how much you are vaping, and see how long it takes you to empty a 10ml bottle from start to finish. You would be amazed to see how quickly your bottle can be wiped out, especially if you are chain-vaping or dripping. It is essential to pace yourself while vaping on a budget.



It is evident that buying in bulk saves you money. It’s the model of Costco and other gigantic warehouse stores. Although when you buy large amounts, make sure you know that you like the flavour because you’ll be vaping it for some time! However, if you like to switch flavours often, then buying loads of just one flavour is not a bright idea.

The majority of UK vapers have to buy their e-liquid in a 10-ml bottle because of the new TPD regulations. A 10-ml bottle gives you just about enough refills to be worth its cost and can be bought at lower prices if you shop around. Moreover, they are also much easier to carry around than some of the old 30ml or 60ml bottles.

Nonetheless, an option worth considering for budget vaping is the Do-It-Yourself option. You buy a good quantity of unflavoured nicotine e-juice and mix it with larger bottles of zero nicotine flavour concentrate. Though it can take time and practice, many vapers get into DIY and never look back.

6. Join Vaping Co-Op’s

Co-ops are groups of individuals who make large wholesale purchases of vape merchandise directly from Chinese manufacturers. It enables them to get vape gear at low wholesale prices. You would typically find these groups on Reddit’s e-cigarette forums, Facebook, or other online vaping platforms.

Notwithstanding the above, co-ops are designed more for serious vapers because of the time and trust involved. Also, the risk and reward factor is deeply dependent on how closely you know the rest of the co-op members. Therefore, if you are interested in a certain co-op, do your research, or just ask around places where vapers gather. After that, use your good judgment before joining.

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