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Kitchen Gadgets For the Impeccable Bachelor

The kitchen is where friends come together: a stylish man's kitchen should have some great kitchen gadgets that not only make life easier, but are aesthetically beautiful

Kitchen Gadgets For the Impeccable Bachelor

The kitchen is the heart of a bachelor pad. It’s not just a place for cooking though, in a survey 42% said the kitchen is for socializing. It’s where friends come together to share a meal and spend time with one another. A stylish man’s kitchen should have some great gadgets that not only make life easier, but are aesthetically beautiful.

All about the coffee

No Italian breakfast is complete without the coffee. First thing in the morning, the delicious smell of a strong pick-me-up is irresistible. A handy home coffee machine doesn’t have to take up a lot of space, but can provide you with a great morning Latte or Espresso. The pod machines are extremely efficient, as they only boil the amount of water that you need for your coffee, so there is little waste. They are also extremely quick, even if you are in a rush, you can brew your morning fix in only a few minutes. Great if you are on the go, plus it will save you money. The average cost of a cup of coffee is almost €1 in Rome, whereas the pods are around €0.33 each.

Kitchen Gadgets For the Impeccable Bachelor

Traditional Italian Pasta

Nothing says Rome like a delicious bowl of hot pasta – it should be a staple of every bachelor’s cooking repertoire. The average Italian consumes 60lb of pasta a year. The majority of this is pasta secca. It is quick, easy and with the addition of a little olive oil, chilli and garlic, you can make a tasty wholesome meal in a 10 minutes. Pasta fresca is extremely simple to make though, with an egg based dough. It is slightly richer in taste and is great for a celebration meal with friends. A pasta machine is a great accessory to have in your kitchen, and you can make tagliatelle and spaghetti in a few minutes. Marcato and Imperia make some excellent machines in a variety of colors, electric blue being a stylish favorite.

An ingenious spiralizer

Spiralizers are taking Italian kitchens by storm, and should be in any modern bachelor’s kitchen artillary. They save time, peeling, shredding, or spiraling fruits and vegetables. For instance, you can make zucchini spaghetti in a few minutes, a tasty side dish, and a great accompaniment to steak or fish. You can use your machine to prepare ingredients to use in your pasta dishes. Onions, carrots, radishes and cucumbers lend themselves well being spiraled, and it makes them quicker to cook. Spiralizers have three blades, with different functions depending on how you want your dish to look. They are compact, easy to clean and will look chic on your kitchen counter. Try spiraling potatoes, to get really crispy edges that everyone will love. Perfect for a romantic meal and delicious with a little sea salt and butter. Paderno and Kenwood make some well-priced spiralizers that are easy to use and sleek.

Kitchen gadgets for 2018 are all about style as well as practicality. They will make preparing food and drink simple, and be a talking point with friends.

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