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How to make your eyes look intense with Adore colored contact lenses

If you want to add something new to your face, Adore colored contact lenses, with more than 27 colors and 5 shades per color, can make your eyes look more intense

Lenti a contatto colorate, Adore colored lenses

Caring for yourself to look your best can have different meanings. Today, cosmetics do not just have a superficial value, but men (and women) try to improve their appearance to have a sense of peace and at least wipe away the concerns about how to show themselves to others.

And if it is true that most of this treatment focuses mainly on the face, it is also true that very little is done for the eyes. Although the look is the most intense aspect of the face, able to convey sensations and sometimes real messages without saying a single word. But even the eyes can be the protagonists of a change of look with a pair of colored contact lenses.

Lenti a contatto colorate, Adore colored lenses

Colored contact lenses: how they work

Thanks to technological advances (and the shortsighted weary of having to wear only glasses), you can use contact lenses to aesthetically change the appearance of your eyes: today there is a wide range of colored contact lenses for cosmetic use.

Normally people with brown eyes (like me) try a lighter color. However, lighter eyes tend to absorb sunlight more easily and cause sensitivity, so there is actually a price to pay for their beauty. The brown eyes can instead infuse a rich and sensual look that the blue eyes can not match.

In short, every color has its depth and beauty and the existence of colored contact lenses allow you to play to better express how you feel with your eyes.

Lenti a contatto colorate, Adore colored lenses

Adore colored contact lenses

Also I wanted to try to change eye color with Adore, a fashion brand of cosmetic and quarterly corrective colored contact lenses.

I chose them because these colored contact lenses are available both Plano (ie without diopters) and corrective. And I need graduated lenses. So as well as a cosmetic purpose, my lenses also serve for corrective use (without I would not see much!).


Lenti a contatto colorate, Adore colored lenses

Adore Bi-Gray, colored contact lenses for natural gray eyes

Among all the colors available I thought not to go too far: my natural color of eyes is brown (dark abbreviation), so I decided to opt for gray colored contact lenses, the Adore Bi-Gray.

To obtain natural eyes, Adore lenses are a good solution because they do not have 1, but 5 different shades of gray. Bi-Gray lenses, for example, give a very light effect, which is exactly what I was looking for; but there are also the Tri for dark eyes that want a trendy effect; Give her Hazel to get a very deep and enigmatic view and the Crystal for an eccentric and luminous look.

Here you can discover all the shades of gray of Adore to make the eyes you want!

Lenti a contatto colorate, Adore colored lenses

Photo: Giacinto Mozzetta

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