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3 reasons to use BlackBerry KEYone Black Edition, the smartphone with the keyboard

What would happen if historical company like BlackBerry to launch its brand new smartphone? Here are 3 reasons to use the new BlackBerry KEYone Black Edition

BlackBerry KEYone Black Edition

My first cell phone, as for many, was the famous Nokia 3310. It was indestructible and lasted for many years, even though I was a teenager and I didn’t give the same care to my cell phone as I reserve today for smartphones.

The screen was not touched. If I think about it, the idea of a screen that worked by touching it seemed almost futuristic. Yet today I am used to doing anything on the phone using my fingers. And do it quickly.

So what would happen if a historic company in the world of telephony like BlackBerry decided to launch its brand new smartphone? Here are 3 reasons why I used the new BlackBerry KEYone Black Edition, the perfect smartphone for nostagic keyboard people.

BlackBerry KEYone Black Edition

1. A smartphone that will not slip from your hands

The KEYone is a high quality smartphone. The shell, in aluminum with rounded edges, has a comfortable soft rubber at the back. Perfect to avoid the “hand slipping” effect typical of all current smartphones. Cause of most of my smartphone’s screen breaks!

BlackBerry KEYone Black Edition

2. A smartphone with a keyboard

Obviously, the real new feature of KEYone is the keyboard. Of course, after years of not using it, was difficult to go back to the keyboard. Once the rhythm was found, however, it was like coming home. I had to retrain some muscle memory – I press the keys ALT and CAPS only on the keyboard of the Mac. But the addition of the fingerprint scanner (extremely responsive) and the ability to scroll by touching the keys is not bad!

BlackBerry KEYone Black Edition

3. A (really) secure smartphone

KEYone integrates protections that defend all personal information. On one hand it blocks the functionality of the Android operating system that could allow hackers to compromise the smartphone. On the other hand, it uses additional protection when connected to Wi-Fi, VPN, Bluetooth and NFC to protect data in transit across the network and offers the additional option to digitally sign and encrypt sent messages. Not all smartphones are so secure.

In conclusion, the BlackBerry KEYone Black Edition is a modern Android smartphone with touchscreen and keyboard that can perform most of the things in a competent way, even if not spectacular.

BlackBerry KEYone Black Edition

BlackBerry KEYone Black Edition

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