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Men’s Summer Fashion: How to wear Skate Shoes (and don’t look like a Teenager)

Some of the most comfortable and underground skater style outfits are back in fashion, including the skate shoes in canvas: discover how to match them

skate shoes vans, asos plus size fashion, look uomo

If you had doubts about the fact that street culture of the 90s is back, the rise of skatewear in mainstream fashion should definitely take them away.

The style of the skaters has always been based on an aesthetic partly practical and partly anti-authoritarian: the thick twill pants prevented the skin from scraping too much, while the hoodies protected the face from the cameras when doing skate where you could not.

So today some of the most comfortable and underground garments that exist are also the most fashionable. Which doesn’t mean that you have to create a complete skater look. Rather, you can combine some elements of skatewear to create a smart-casual look that elegantly borrows this trend without looking like a teenager in a Sum 41 video.

skate shoes vans, asos plus size fashion, look uomo

The rise of skatewear

In the late 1980s, the boom in video recorders transformed a niche sport like skateboarding into a global movement, making billions of kids fall in love.

Those kids today have grown up and work in modern places, such as co-working spaces, where a dress is out of place: for them it is important to wear something elegant but comfortable. And their love for the culture of the skater turns into inspiration for a man’s look for the summer.

scarpe skate vans, asos plus size fashion, look uomo

How to wear skate shoes for a man’s look for summer

The grip tape that forms a cushion between the foot and the skateboard table is like sandpaper. His endless rubbing and tear made the skater appreciate cheap and durable shoes, since they would still be worn out.

The model of lace-up sneakers in black canvas by ASOS that you see in this post have passed the test of the time. Given the casual taste of this pair of skate shoes, it can be combined with some casual garments like denim shorts and an oversize shirt, perhaps floral, far from the classic black and white colors.

In this way you will revive your look while shoes will help you stand out in a sea of black and white.

skate shoes vans, asos plus size fashion, look uomo

skate shoes vans, asos plus size fashion, look uomo

What I’m wearing:

Sneakers: ASOS
Shorts: G-STAR RAW
Shirt: H&M
Watch: CASIO

Photo: Giacinto Mozzetta

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