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There is no one way to be beautiful and no one can hold your beauty

If you do not attract someone, it does not mean that you are not attractive. It just means that you do not attract that person. Nobody is the holder of your beauty

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Beyond the question of health, we often speak of an overweight body (or a very thin body) as a body unable to be physically beautiful by nature.

For many people some types of male and female body are physically more beautiful and more attractive than others not for a question of stereotype, but as an objective fact that must be accepted in a serene manner. For many, this would mean respecting the person, putting it in front of reality, because falsely claiming that “we are all beautiful” is like saying that nobody is.

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Diversity is a reality. And a value (not a defect)

True. Saying that an overweight or very slim body is not physically beautiful is not an insult. But it’s not even a reality. In the real world, in fact, there are different types of physicality. It is a fact that they exist and must be accepted.

Does this mean that everyone should like all bodies? No. We must calmly consider not to attract everyone. But this doesn’t mean that a body must be considered “less” than another body. Taste can not erase diversity by stating that there are bodies “physically more beautiful and more attractive” as if it were an objective fact. And this is the real offense, because diversity is imposed not as a value, but as a defect. Just as it is to believe that there are more intelligent races in an objective way.

There is in fact no scientific assumption that determines that just because a person has certain external and hereditary characteristics this makes it automatically intelligent. In the same way there is no objective datum that can say that being attractive or being beautiful comes from some physical characteristics automatically. Starting from this assumption creates a prejudice that, in addition to detecting an untruthful datum, creates an offense against diversity (of people as of bodies).

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There is no one way of being beautiful

Being more beautiful or less beautiful, more attractive or less attractive is something that concerns the personal sphere. And this is certainly not an offense: personal taste is based on canons that affect the emotional and sensory sphere. Speaking instead of a sphere of objectivity makes it dangerously to believe that there is only one way of being beautiful, of being attractive. In short, it creates the paradox that everyone can be beautiful or attractive only if “made” in a certain way. That is the idea that everyone is beautiful only if they are the same.

For this you do not have to accept the idea of being less beautiful than others: simply because there is no idea of beauty that is “less” than you in an objective sphere. And people (like me) fight to avoid creating this prejudice of objectivity of untrue beauty.

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No one, with his own subjectivity, can reveal himself as the holder of the beauty of others

There will always be people in the world who will find someone else beautiful. So you, in your way (and this is diversity) are beautiful. You are perhaps not like others who see around, that (according to your emotional and sensory canons) are “really beautiful”, but you are anyway. If you do not attract someone, it does not mean that you are not attractive. It means that you do not attract that specific person. It is not an objective, but subjective fact. Because you could attract another 3 billion people, apart from someone. In short, no one, with his own subjectivity, can be the holder of your beauty.

Surely there are people who attract more people, but that simply means that the person has characteristics of common beauty. Not that it is “objectively” beautiful. Because that person compared to other groups of people or other cultures (think of beauty in the African tribes or in the oriental world) may not attract anyone. So it must be accepted that there is a common beauty. But common doesn’t mean objective. Only more widespread. But this greater diffusion does not imply that only the common one can be considered beauty. We must learn to love diversity.

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