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How a Green Bespoke Suit Can Save you From the Boredom of What you Wear for the Office, for a Wedding and even for the Weekend

A green bespoke suit is the best men's tailoring choice for this season, suitable for both formal events and more colloquial situations

Hockerty, Abito su misura, Camicia su misura

Men’s suits in black, gray, brown or blue are great, especially as a formal dress-code. But they are a comfort zone for men’s tailoring, ranging from formal dresses to more casual ones depending on the model, the cut and the material.

But if you want to be more adventurous there are other colors to experiment for a suit and green is certainly one of the most contemporary and versatile color. Whatever your style, in fact, green is the great color of Autumn/Winter 2018 and the most popular way to wear is bespoke suit

Hockerty, Abito su misura, Camicia su misura

The formality of a green bespoke suit for a wedding

Suits with unusual colors are generally considered informal regardless of the model or cut. It seems unlikely that a green suit may be appropriate for a meeting or an important occasion like a wedding.

Yet a dark green suit in a cotton Mills fabric – like the one I’ve made on Hockerty – can be really elegant. And thanks to the opacity of the fabric, the green will appear even deeper and richer.

The darker shades are the way to go in these cases: the rule is that the darker the shade, the more versatile the suit, making it the ideal alternative to the classic wedding suit.

Hockerty, Abito su misura, Camicia su misura

Why use a green suit for the office

By definition, the office is not a place of entertainment. It is easy to use the typical gray suit for your office. However, a green bespoke suit can show a little more personality among colleagues.

The rules for wearing it at work, however, differ from those applied to gray or navy tailoring. To work properly, you need to match it with the right colors, not too formal, such as a blue denim shirt or a black knit tie.

Hockerty, Abito su misura, Camicia su misura

What to combine with a green suit for the weekend

In addition to the formal moments, you must be able to master what you wear with a green suit for the most conversational situations.

The key thing is to use custom tailored shirt from the same shade of the dress or monochromatic. A white shirt for example is ideal for the weekend: combined with leather sneakers gives to the suit a more relaxed atmosphere.

If you are confident in your ability to bring this color and want to stand out, a green bespoke suit is a great addition to your wardrobe.

Hockerty, Abito su misura, Camicia su misura

Hockerty, Abito su misura, Camicia su misura

Hockerty, Abito su misura, Camicia su misura

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