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Find the Right Clothing for Your Job

Do you need fire-resistant clothing? If you are exposed to flames on the job site, you should consider this fabric for your clothes

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Do you need fire-resistant clothing? If you are exposed to flames on the job site, you should consider this fabric for your clothes. These clothes can help you escape from serious injury while on the job. Here are a few things to know when choosing your clothes.

Different Types of Flame-Proof Clothing

There are two different types of fire-proof clothing. You can choose from flame-retardant or flame-resistant materials. They work in a similar fashion. If exposed to a flame, the fabric will catch fire. However, the material will self-extinguish itself and will not continue to burn. Both of these materials are safe to use on the job site. Flame-resistant material is resistant to embers and flames. The threads and fibers will self-extinguish when exposed to fire. Flame-retardant clothing is treated with chemicals to help extinguish flames. Both materials can prevent you from receiving severe burns and offer protection from fire-related hazards. You can find out if your clothing is flame-resistant or flame-retardant by checking the tag. If you still have doubts, you can always contact the manufacturer as well.

Choosing Your Clothes

You need to check the cleaning guidelines for your piece of clothing. Flame-resistant clothes have special laundering requirements. Any chemically treated material will only retain their flame-retardant qualities with a set number of washes. They have strict requirements for the care and maintenance of the materials. You always want to follow all manufacturers’ recommendations for cleaning. Flame-resistant clothes are a little more flexible for cleaning. Since the materials are natural, they retain their flame-resistant qualities longer than flame-retardant clothes. You still must check out the manufacturer’s cleaning recommendations before throwing it into the washer.

Consider Other Factors

You should consider other factors when choosing your clothes. Flame-retardant clothes are more affordable than their flame-resistant counterparts. Flame-retardant clothing does have one drawback. It doesn’t last as long as flame-resistant clothing. You may spend more on a flame-resistant piece, but it will last longer than other materials.

Different Protection Levels

Flame-resistant clothing has heat ratings for their material. The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) rates clothing according to their protection levels. Lower hazard jobs only need a Category 1 or 2 for full protection. Electrical workers should choose clothing pieces with a Category 3 rating or higher. Many job sites have specific requirements for their workers’ clothing. If you are in doubt, you need to check with your supervisor or management team.

Choose Comfortable Clothes

You want clothes that will protect you but also be comfortable as well. Some flame-resistant pieces can be hot and bulky. Most fabrics have advanced technology that makes them lightweight and soft but still keep their flame-resistant qualities. Since you will wear these pieces on a regular basis, you want something that is comfortable. Your clothing should never restrict your movement on the job. Lightweight materials can reduce the risk of heat-related illness as well. When you are working around flames, it can be stifling hot and humid. You never want to have bulky pieces that can add to your discomfort. You also want to find pieces that can protect you in the winter. Working in cold weather can cause you to sweat on the job. You never want to trap sweat between your clothes and skin. This can cause you to have a drop in body temperature. Most flame-resistant materials are moisture-wicking too. These materials can help you to regulate your body temperature and keep you dry as well. You can avoid cold-related illnesses or hypothermia with this material.

Flame-resistant clothing is important on the job. It can help you stay safe while working around flames and heat. You want to keep your skin protected and avoid any potential accidents. Flame-resistant materials are lighter and more comfortable than in the past. You can find a fire resistant piece to fit over your existing clothes.

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