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Pro Tips in Buying Raw Denim Jeans

Most people have trouble selecting the best jeans to buy and wear. Here, you will learn about the tips of buying raw denim jeans

Raw Denim Jeans

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Most people have trouble selecting the best jeans to buy and wear. People prefer wearing a good pair of jeans, preferably denim. Here, you will learn about the tips of buying raw denim jeans.

Figure Out your Budget

There are jeans for different budgets. If you seriously need to buy jeans, you should have a budget and stick to it strictly. When it comes to jeans, it is better to buy one $150 jeans instead of buying three $50 jeans. The good thing about buying$150 jeans is that it can give you better service. Generally, denim is a quality product that can serve you for many years if you maintain it well. The weight of the denim determines the price. Therefore, the heavier the denim, the more expensive it will be. The prices can range from $80 to $2,000. Therefore, before going to the store, set a budget and do not go beyond it.

Know your Style and Brand

Finding a suitable brand that fits your style is a challenge for many people. If you have a role model, look at the type of jeans he or she wears. Do you like the colors and details? Picture yourself wearing similar jeans. If the image looks lovely in your mind, go ahead and shop for such jeans.

What brand would you like your jeans to be? Different brands have different prices. Therefore, work with a brand that suits your budget perfectly.

Getting the Best Fit

For you to be happy and content with your new jeans, they have to fit perfectly. The shape of the leg and rise determine the fit. When it comes to the shape of the leg, you can choose from skinny, slim, lose, and straight. The thighs, knees, and the leg opening play a major role in determining the fit of jeans. If you struggle getting jeans that fit you, you need to factor in your body type.

Raw Denim Jeans

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How Should your Jeans Feel?

According to the history of denim jeans, they are one of the most popular garments because of the level of comfort that they offer. Denim fit perfectly, last longer, and are comfortable. Additionally, as long as the fabric is soft and stretchy, tight-fitting jeans still feel comfortable. To ensure comfort, a stretch is added to denim. The lighter the denim, the more comfortable it will be.

Length of the Jeans

Are you planning to cuff your jeans or not? If you do not have any plans of cuffing your jeans, and the only available option seems long, getting it hemmed is easy. Some people prefer cuffing their jeans so that the denim logo is seen clearly.

Sanforized or Unsanforized

Both of these options require different sizing methods. When denim has been sanforized, it means that it has been treated with water to avoid shrinking when you wash it for the first time. Therefore, do not expect significant changes in your sanforized denim.

On the other hand, unsanforized denim has not gone through the sanforization process. As a result, the chances of shrinking after the first wash are high. Due to its rate of shrinking, people do not prefer purchasing this option.

Raw Denim Jeans

Photo by Kira Schwarz from Pexels

Know your Measurements

Before you embark on the process of shopping for denim jeans, you need to know your measurements. The easiest way of knowing your ideal fit is by using pants that fit you perfectly. If you are purchasing online, you need to counter check the measurements to avoid receiving something that is oversize or undersize. Some of the things you need to measure include:

  • Waist
    Place one of your jeans on a flat surface and measure the waistband from left to right and multiply the result by two.
  • Inseam
    Place your tape measure on the crotch of the jeans and measure it until the hem.
  • Hem
    It is essential to measure the hem so that you do not get jeans that are too tight or too buggy.
  • Upper thigh, front rise, and back rise


Buying your first raw denim may be a daunting process. However, the process should be smooth and straight forward if you follow the tips in this article. Ensure that you do not skip a single step to avoid making mistakes that can make you go back to the store. The advantage is that once you settle for great jeans, you do not need to go back to the store for another pair. In addition, if you take good care of the pairs you have, you are good to go.

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