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Everything You Need to Create a Perfect Base for Beard Growth with Qaveman Products

Just a few tricks, like a beard oil or a moisturizer cream, can create a perfect base for your beard to grow longer and stronger

olio da barba qaveman, prodotti barba

Just like hair, beard needs to be a bit cuddled to grow long and strong. It’s not enough to let the beard grow on your face: it requires constant care to look at its best.

This doesn’t mean there are miraculous remedies that can make you look like a woodcutter in a few days. But there are few tricks to create a perfect base so your beard can grow better.

olio da barba qaveman, prodotti barba

Beard oil

After the first step of washing the beard with a dedicated product once or twice a week (not only to prevent the unpleasant smell, but also the accumulation of dirt that can lead to acne and itching), it’s important to apply a Beard Oil.

Stone Age Beard Oil by Qaveman you see in this post, for example, allows you to keep your beard soft and shiny, helping to avoid weakening the hair on your face. And it also smells good of sandalwood.

crema idratante qaveman, prodotti barba

Skin & Beard Face Cream

But you don’t have to take care only of your hair. Even the base where your beard rests (the skin of your face!) needs to be cured.

For this reason, especially when the beard is starting to grow (around 3/5 days) we must not forget to take care of that part of the skin of the face.

The Skin & Beard Face Cream by Qaveman has this double function of taking care of the skin of the face and also the beard. It’s perfect when you have short beard because it can moisturize and soothe the skin, while making the beard softer to the touch.

Repeat these operations as much as possible and certainly your beard will grow better

crema idratante qaveman, prodotti barba

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