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How to improve Oily Skin with a Skin Care Routine of CBD infused products

Groomarang created a line of 4 CBD infused products for a skin care routine useful to hold off the sebum and improve oily skin of your face

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CBD Infused Products, Groomarang viso uomo

Although our face naturally produces sebum to keep it hydrated, for men who have oily skin its production can be overabundant. And this, rather than a problem, can lead to discomfort on the skin of the face.

Unfortunately there is no magic potion to transform your skin and make it immune to all external agents that attack it, but it’s possible to adopt a Skin Care Routine useful to hold off the sebum and improve the oily skin of your face.

Among the products that can be used to better manage oily skin, the trend is towards CBD infused products and Groomarang created a line of 4 products made with CBD infused.

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CBD Infused Products, Groomarang bellezza uomo

The benefits of CBD infused products

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD can help support the natural healing process of the skin, decreasing the sharpening of eczema or psoriasis. For those who suffer for this type of inflammatory reactions, using products with CBD can be an effective solution.

In addition, CBD allows the skin to be cleaned at its best. And this can prevent the onset of acne because it prevents closed pores, excessive sebum, inflammation and bacteria in general.

CBD Infused Products, Groomarang pelle uomo

CBD Infused Products, Groomarang viso uomo

Skin Care Routine to improve oily skin

First you need to wash your face every day – once in the morning and once in the evening – with warm water and a facial cleanser like Face & Body Wash.

Then you can use either a traditional moisturizer such as Moisturizing Cream, which helps revive the skin, or a serum like Facial Serum, that is a moisturizer made up of much smaller molecules. Sometimes they are also used together: find the right combination for your skin.

If you have shaved, you can also apply a Balm for a soothing, safe and protective action. While immediately after the shower it is useful to use a Body Lotion, so as to be able to spread the skin of the whole body, hydrating it and recovering elasticity.

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