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5 Functional Features Men Look for When Buying Fur Vests

A good-looking fur vest for men is all well and good, so here are five qualities that a good fur vest should have to be fashionable AND functional

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Historically, men buying fur vests have valued function over fashion. When you think of men’s fur vests, you would think of a huge and bulky vest made from natural, undyed fur. Since the vest is made primarily for warmth and protection from the elements, little thought was given to the physical appearance of the vest as well as how it would appear when worn by someone. As long as it kept the wearer from freezing to death outside, a fur vest was considered well made!

These days, however, fashion has come into the picture and men are becoming discerning when it comes to what type of fur vest they would wear. Sure, those bulky fur vests might still be worn in places where function is still the most important thing in a protective item of clothing (read: winters in Eastern Europe), but in most places, you can easily find fur vests for men that are just as stylish and chic as those designed for women.

Fur in the Fashion Industry

With the advent of humane fur farms and the increasing acceptance of wearing fur being an individual choice, fur is once again gaining ground in the fashion industry. There are more and more brands, especially luxury brands, that are introducing fur clothing such as jackets and vests, as well as fur accessories such as hats, gloves, and scarves.

In the beginning, you would mostly find these items aimed primarily at women, but manufacturers soon realized that men were just as excited to wear stylish fur clothing as women. The demand was even greater if the design of the clothing could be made as masculine, or at least unisex, as possible.

Qualities in a Good Fur Vest for Men

A good-looking fashionable fur vest for men is all well and good, but most men are also concerned with the practical side of buying a fur vest. Here are five qualities that a good fur vest should have in order to be both fashionable AND functional:

1. Windproof Lining

The best fur vests not only have a water resistant outside (made from guard furs), but it also has a windproof lining on the inside. This lining is your best defense against a wind chill and extremely cold temperatures because it keeps the cold outside and preserves your body heat. If a windproof lining is thin but high-quality, it will often keep you warmer compared to thick but low-quality lining. Fur vests with windproof linings is a great choice as it allows your body to breathe under the vest so you won’t overheat even if you step inside.

2. Soft and Comfortable Texture

If there is one feature that all fur clothing items must have, it’s softness and comfort of the material. Depending on your budget, you can opt for more economical fur vests such as rabbit or beaver, or you can splurge for something like mink or chinchilla. For men, however, fox might be a good choice of fur because it offers warmth, softness, protection from the cold, and a more rugged aesthetic.

3. Cozy and Snug Trim

During the cold months, the exposed skin on your neck might get irritated, so you need a fur vest that has a soft trim. The trim will be gentle against your skin so it remains nice and warm even if you wear the vest for long periods of time.

4. Clear Sizing Information

Vests are made to be worn over other items of clothing. One day you might decide to just wear it over a thin shirt, but you might decide to wear it over a sweater on another day. This is why you need a fur vest that has clear sizing so that you can choose the one that’s a little loose on you. It might be difficult to buy online if you’re unsure about your size or if the retailer does not offer clear measurements on their vests, especially around the chest and waist area. It would be a good step to go to a fur shop first. Try out various vest sizes so that you get an idea of the size.

5. Multiple Pockets

It’s a simple thing, but one that many people tend to overlook: pockets! Multiple pockets on a fur vest can be such a convenient thing, whether it’s to store small items such as gloves or your wallet, or if you want a little extra protection for your hands.

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