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Brush your teeth with the Toothpaste Jellies by LUSH

With the new Toothpaste Jellies you can make oral hygiene fun by creating personalized toothpaste gels with unique flavors

lush, gelatina denti, dentrificio vegano

Lush presents online an exclusive and limited edition of ten colorful Toothpaste Jellies, the latest addition of the #LushLabs project. Born in April 2018 to open the doors of the Lush labs, it presents a selection of scented innovations every month available in limited edition on the website.

lush, gelatina denti, dentrificio vegano

Toothpaste Jellies

Innovative and experimental, these tooth jellies are designed to transform oral hygiene into a moment that combines creativity and fun, ideal to use alone or to mix for innovative and totally personalized tastes.

The more classic mentholated taste is combined with citrus and strawberry flavors, always paying particular attention to fresh and effective ingredients. In fact, all the jellies are vegan and self-preserving and they are enclosed within the iconic recycled and recyclable plastic cans, that can be returned to stores to deal directly with recycling through their own Green Hub.

To use them, just dip a dry toothbrush in the plastic can and take a little bit of the toothpaste gel, then moisten the toothbrush with water and brush the teeth. To create new and personalized tastes, simply place the toothbrush in the jar of another gelatin before moistening it under water.

lush, gelatina denti, dentrificio vegano

White Fang

An arctic mint explosion! Ideal for those seeking the classic sensation of mentholated freshness: it contains a quadruple dose of glacial mint to naturally refresh the breath

Available online

lush, gelatina denti, dentrificio vegano

Megawatt Smile

With refreshing bergamot, cleansing sea salt and lemon balm against unpleasant odors, Megawatt Smile gives an electrifying smile! It contains cress from Brazil which, thanks to its antiseptic properties, not only relieves tooth discomfort, but gives the tongue a pleasant sparkling sensation. For an irresistibly magnetic smile.

Available online

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