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Lush warms hearts with the limited edition collection for Valentine’s Day 2020

Lush presents Valentine's Day 2020 collection that celebrates love with a series of limited edition products to warm the heart

thValentine's Day 2020, lush, naked attraction

Lush presents the fragrant Valentine’s Day 2020 collection that celebrates love with a series of limited edition products to warm the hearts and the coldest winter nights.

What better occasion to get naked if not during the party dedicated to love? This new range of products celebrates the research and development of solid and naked Lush products (without packaging) with a mix of sweetness and irreverence.

Iconic products by Lush, such as the legendary bath bombs, find new variations such as the Peachy bomb: when words are not enough, emojis run to the rescue and make you lose all inhibition. And to ignite the passion, nothing is better than a sensual massage with the Naked Attraction massage bar: rich of fair trade cocoa and shea butters, it’s the perfect ally to melt every heart and celebrate the holiday of lovers in the name of a fragrant seduction.

peachy, lush

Peachy Bath Bomb

To open your heart to your person on Valentine’s Day, nothing is better than a slow and sparkling bath with a hint of seduction. With grapefruit and peach juices, the Peachy bath bomb gently cleanses and refreshes. The pink brush in the water give total ecstasy to the senses, the perfect conclusion of a passionate courtship.

Quantity: 170g
Price: €6,50

Available online

naked attraction, lush

Naked Attraction Massage Bar

A seductive and mischievous massage for a soft and sexy skin. Naked Attraction is a temptation of mimosa and jasmine; the fair trade organic cocoa and shea butters intensely hydrate the skin leaving it soft and bewitching. A magnetic massage oil, 100% solid and naked for a Valentine’s Day full of seduction.

Quantity: 65g
Price: €10,00

Available online

Valentine's Day 2020, lush, prince charming

Prince Charming Shower Gel

Prince Charming is a concentrate of pure energy and irresistible charm ready to slip on your skin with soft foams full of softening marshmallow and a dazzling vanilla smile. Whether you are looking for the prince charming or not, it doesn’t matter: in the shower it will conquer all your senses (of your person too).

Quantity: 120g
Price: €9,50

Available online

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