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Self Acceptance: Your Life doesn’t begin only when you begin to Love Yourself

Loving Yourself f is a continuous practice: even if you don't Love Yourself, others can love you because they can see things in you that you don't see

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When it comes to your appearance, regardless of your body, you’re probably not your biggest fans. Even if you have reached your “ideal dimension” with family or work, you still spend too much time determining how your body makes you feel.

There are more important things to love than your appearance

Loving your body seems fantastic, but it’s not the same as loving yourself. Mainly because your bodies is not everything of you.

The reason why you want to look beyond the mirror is to recognize that your appearance is not the most important thing. And when you move away from this idea, you realize that there are more important things to love of you. Like your sense of humor, your ability to listen, your kindness.

We all are more than our appearance. And the way you look is just one of the factors that is part of you.

The strength and love for yourself cannot depend on this. It cannot depend from an appearance that will change millions of times during our life. And that sometimes will make you feel attractive, and sometimes less. But that’s okay: you don’t have to feel attractive all the time to be happy and live your life at its best.

Even if you don’t Love Yourself, others can love you

We live whole life in a society that says we are not desirable because of our appearance. Because of acne, non perfect teeth, height, stretch marks and other physical markers. And this form of oppression has implications in our social lives. It affects the way we interact with others. And obviously it has effects on our self-esteem and on love for ourselves.

But you can’t believe that nobody will love you until you love yourself. Yes, the more you love yourself, the more others will love you. But even if you don’t love yourself, others can love you. Because they can see things in you that you don’t see. You can’t see them, but they can see them.

Loving Yourself is a continuous practice

But then, who loves himself/herself always? Who doesn’t experience a moment of insecurity? Who doesn’t suddenly stop loving himself/herself because of a bad period? There will always be times when we will feel good about our bodies and others when we will forget all our progress. But the path to love yourself has no a real end point.

Life does’t begin only when you begin to love yourself or only after you have learned to love your physical characteristics. Loving yourself is a continuous practice, that probably will occur for the rest of your life. And living a full life, nourishing your mental and emotional health, could help you to do it.

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