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How to look less tired when you wake up with a 5 minutes Night Skincare Routine

A night skincare routine is important because it helps the skin to absorb the nutrients of the products we use much more effectively

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During the night, our skin finally has its moment of rest. By comfortably staying in our beds, our faces are no longer affected by all those environmental stress of the day such as sun or pollution. And this allows the skin to absorb much more effectively all the nutrients of the products we use.

A night skincare routine is therefore important. And even if there is no skincare that is suitable for everyone, there are small tricks that we can all implement to appear less tired in the morning.

lumin, skincare routine notturna, night skincare routine

Tips for a fast night skincare routine

If we want to look less tired when you wake up, using an eye cream can be very useful. The skin under the eyes is much thinner and has no pores that secrete oil, so it can easily makes our face look particularly tired.

To provide the right humidity during the night, for example, we can use a product like Lumin’s Dark Circle Defense. It’s a transparent gel that contains Niacinamide, a vitamin that strengthens the skin and reduces swelling, but also lemon and caffeine extract that allows to reduce the dark color of the eye area. And it’s definitely a turning point if used regularly.

lumin, skincare routine notturna, night skincare routine

The foundation of any skincare to keep your face always fresh is a good moisturizing conditioner. It’s a product that can also be used in the morning, but at night we can leave it to reverse the damage caused by sun exposure.

Lumin has also created the Ultra-Hydrating Moisturizing Balm that contains apple extract to prevent skin damage and ginger extract to uniform the skin tone. Thanks to this balm we can eliminate the dryness that we accumulate on our face during the day so that during the night the face is hydrated and looks shiny in the morning!

lumin, skincare routine notturna

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