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Intimate Shaving for Men: tips on Pubic Hair Removal in an easy and safe way

Intimate shaving is a practice that men can also consider if they feel uncomfortable about their hair, but it's not an obligation

rasatura intima uomo, trimmer meridian, manscaping

They call it “manscaping” because apparently for men there must be a specific name to talk about hair removal. But in reality hair is hair for everyone and shaving has the same function whether person you are.

But here we are talking about a type of shaving that for some men is a taboo: intimate shaving. When it comes to our private parts, men tend to talk about them less, often to take little care of them and in general not to have preferences as they can have it for the beard or hair.

Yet taking care of what is under the belt is not an oddity, but rather a practice to be taken into consideration. It’s not an obligation: if you have ever felt uncomfortable about intimate hair, just know that the solution exists and that managing your body hair is something personal.

rasatura intima uomo, trimmer meridian, manscaping

The right tools for a safe intimate shaving

When you decide to shave a delicate area, the simplest problems you can encounter are skin irritation and the risk of cuts. But these problems come from using the wrong tools. In fact, to take care of your intimate areas, in addition to a good dose of relax, just use suitable razors.

Meridian created a with a ceramic blade that is hygienic and replaceable, but also prevents cuts and irritation and resists rust. This means that you can also use it in the shower, where the water softens the pubis making it easier to shave.

rasatura intima uomo, trimmer meridian, manscaping

If you want to shave completely, regrowth will become a reality. Even faster than you think. And when hair grows back, it can be itchy and uncomfortable. For this the Meridian razor comes with two adjustable guide combs that allow you to trim the hair to the preferred length.

And after finishing, you can use the , a pH balanced spray specially formulated to neutralize odors and skin irritations of the intimate parts. Now we are ready!

rasatura intima uomo, trimmer meridian, manscaping

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