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The magic of Lush’s natural ingredients for Halloween 2020

Lush presents the new Halloween 2020 collection with 100% vegan limited edition products with natural ingredients and essential oils

lush, halloween 2020

Lush presents the new Halloween 2020 collection with 100% vegan limited edition products. New, best sellers or heart’s product : no jokes for the scariest party of the year, but lots of limited edition pampering that does not scare even the most sensitive skin.

lush, halloween 2020

New Lush products for Halloween 2020

The alchemy of natural ingredients and essential oils surprise with scented spells. Among the new products of Halloween 2020, there is the Bewitched bath sparkling wine. This black kitty to crumble in the tub turns the bathroom into a magical cauldron. The essential oil of olibanum protects the skin, while the corn flour makes it very soft. Bergamot essential oil brightens both skin and spirits and the notes of berries add a hint of sweetness to the bewitched immersion.

However, there are other products dedicated to the scariest night of the year such as the Punkin’ Punkin bath bomb, where organic pumpkin powder and cinnamon essential oil are combined with the citrusy mix of essential oils of lime, wild orange and Sicilian mandarin. A true portent to throw into the tub to drive away spirits, vampires and goblins.

For shower lovers, the Boo! slime shower gel awakens the senses and all spirits. With emollient cornmeal and exfoliating bamboo extract, chase away the ghost of dryness to leave skin smooth. In addition to preserving the product, xanthan gum is a wonderful natural thickener that softens and moisturizes. Its sweet and witty scent invites you to make many tricks for a Halloween to remember.

lush, halloween 2020

How to buy them

The products are available digitally both on the and through the Pick Up service, which allows you to pre-order the products through a Direct message on Instagram or the Whatsapp number of your favourite store and finalize the purchase and payment, with the possibility of additions or changes, once in store.

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