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Men’s skincare routine: how to reduce dark spots with a vitamin C serum

Banana Bright Vitamin C Serum by Ole Henriksen is a vitamin C serum that can reduce dark spots and loss of skin tone

vitamin c serum, skincare viso uomo

If within our facial skincare routine the cleanser is meant to wash away dirt, the scrub to eliminate dead cells and the moisturizer to preserve the skin’s moisture, we are still missing something. We would also need a product that can tone the face. And in this the serum helps us.

vitamin c serum, skincare viso uomo

What’s a serum?

The serum has the function of nourishing the skin, but it does it differently depending on its ingredients. In fact, a serum has another concentration of a single molecule or ingredient, so as to have a specific result on the skin. Knowing and understanding what its active ingredient is is therefore important to understand what the effect we would like to have on our skin.

For example, if we want to reduce fine lines, there are moisturizing serums. If we want to even out the pigmentation of the face we can use an illuminating one. If you’re not sure what to choose, the vitamin C serum is one of the most versatile.

siero alla vitamina c, skincare viso uomo

When to use a vitamin C serum

If we want to even out the pigmentation of the face by reducing dark spots, the best solution is to use an illuminating serum, and in particular a vitamin C serum. Vitamin C is in fact an antioxidant that helps to improve the elasticity of the skin, defends against environmental stress, illuminates it and reduces the appearance of dark spots and pores.

Banana Bright Vitamin C Serum by Ole Henriksen that you see in this post, for example, has one of the highest concentrations of vitamin C (about 15%) and this allows it to attenuate dark spots and loss of skin tone. The serum also contains 5% polyhydroxy acids which create a small chemical exfoliation capable of dissolving the “glue” that holds the surface layer of the skin together, thus revealing a new and fresher skin underneath.

But why is it called Banana Bright? No, the smell has nothing to do with it. The serum is enriched with illuminating pigments inspired by “banana powder”, a famous type of face powder that illuminates the face. Thanks to these pigments, the skin will immediately appear more radiant.

Now that you know more about what a serum is, you just have to start incorporating it into your daily facial skincare routine.

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