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Fat Stigma: judging weight and body prevents us from finding our place in the world

Fat stigma means reinforcing body stereotypes that affect everyone's mental health, social life and body image

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We are all trying to occupy our space. It is a process that doesn’t have a precise time and that involves the discovery of ourselves, trust in us, listening and friendship with our body and the end of the weight stigma. This is our space, but for many it may not be the same. For some, this space means going through a diet or a change of body. And even if that’s not our space, we can’t really know why for another it is.

Fat stigma is not normal

Judging the weight and of the body can be deleterious for those who already suffer or could suffer from eating disorders. Judging a person who is choosing that place in the world is wrong because it could be the only way he/she has at this moment to make it. He/she may also have the wrong reasons for us, but everyone chooses his space based on his/her availability.

This means that we are not allowed to talk about weight and fat as a synonym for laziness or poor nutrition. Fat stigma is not normal. It’s not normal to reinforce images or words that carry on stereotypes that have repercussions on mental health, on social life, on the body image of anyone, even those who are no longer fat or no longer want to be.

We shouldn’t we judge weight and body

It’s everyone’s duty instead to avoid contributing to the stigma towards fat people because they are people who already constantly experience discomfort on their body to also become a reason for judgments (without their responsibility). We must understand and make it clear that it is not the fat person who should not be offended, but we all have to avoid judging them, even if we do not have an explicitly offensive intent.

Our space is us right now, with our boundaries and our physical and psychological achievements. And it takes courage to claim your space in this way.

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