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Nutrition and health: we must learn not to divide foods into good and bad anymore

It is a common habit to give people a value based on nutrition and yet we should eat many different foods without being afraid of them

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It is a common bad habit to give people, but also ourselves, a value based on nutrition. And so we believe that eating carrots will make us better than someone who eats a slice of carrot cake. But no matter how many carrots we eat, there is always something else we shouldn’t eat. More than food, we feed on the belief that we cannot be hungry. Because if our body is fat or gaining weight it is the punishment we have to serve.

And so diets become a shield. Their rules and promises become an excuse. “I’m on a diet” is the answer we give to anyone who judges our being fat. But then from a shield it became a cage. Because if we fail it’s our fault (not the diet!). There is always something we don’t follow well. So let’s try another one and ask ourselves “Will I succeed this time? Will I become so thin that I can avoid people’s insults? ”. All of this only leads to a sense of shame and failure. That’s why more and more studies are showing that diets are not so good in the long run. Because they say they want to educate to understand our body, but in reality they only contribute to seeing it as a problem.

Positive ideas about nutrition

Rather, we must learn not to divide foods into good and bad anymore so as to understand that we eat many foods without being afraid of them. Because, at this point, we can no longer believe that this is happiness. Self-sabotage as a form of improvement of our nutrition. Because it’s not true that experiencing something good must necessarily be complex. It’s not the pain that must tell us how much we deserve to be well.

So, instead of viewing fat bodies simplistically, as a glorification of poor health, couldn’t we reformulate any manifestation of an unconventional body as a means of understanding that health can look different and take different forms?

Seeing a fat body that is not ashamed to be fat is not a sign that that person is “promoting” endless bouts of food without any kind of control. On the contrary, it is saying that whatever your shape or state of health you can begin to find some peace with your body. Because if health is really what we care about, this may be a more helpful and kind approach. On the other hand, if the reactions of horror and contempt had worked, by now we would all have the exact same body (perfect!)

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