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Why choose a beard balm instead of a beard oil

A beard balm is a cream-like product that is not only capable of enhancing the beard, but also nourishing the skin underneath.

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The search for a smooth beard that you can style to your liking seems to have become a very serious business in recent years. If you have a beard, chances are you already have many products to keep it in order: the beard trimmer, the comb, the oil. And there are too many.

But perhaps there is another product that could be useful, especially if you have a beard that becomes bristly easily: a beard balm, a product very similar to a cream that is not only able to improve the beard, but also to nourish the underlying skin. If you feel that your beard (and underlying skin) is very dry or difficult to comb neatly, a beard balm is a good option. In fact, beard balms can improve the appearance of the beard by softening the skin and hair, adding a healthy shine, not to mention the elimination of the dreaded beard dandruff.

balsamo da barba, biofficina toscana, beard balm, men grooming

Which beard balm to use?

Unlike oils that act quickly, beard balms take a little longer to absorb into the hair. For this reason you have to pay attention to the consistency of the balm: if you have a short beard and you just want to soften it and add shine, then you need to choose a lighter balm. This balm from Biofficina Toscana, for example, is 100% natural and certified eco-friendly, it is safe and contains only organic raw materials, including the organic extract of Tuscan helichrysum that gives protection to the beard, the mallow extract that gives softness and hydration, yarrow with soothing, stimulating and protective properties and organic “Toscano PGI” extra virgin olive oil rich in natural antioxidants and fatty acids. All these natural ingredients work in synergy, soften the beard and give a fresh scent of spices.

So if your beard experienced too many difficulties in the city, beard balm can help you give it back life.

balsamo da barba, biofficina toscana, beard balm, men grooming

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