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How to trim your ear and nose hair quickly and easily

Thanks to technology now i'ts possible to trim ear and nose hair through trimmers that have a particular precision tip

rasoio meridian, tagliare i peli del naso, trimmer nose hair

Like the first kiss, it’s a rite of passage to look in the mirror and realize that, at some point, hair is starting to grow in places that you’d never have imagined, like nose or ears. Personal confidence may allow you to look at them as part of your face, but for those who feel uncomfortable it can help to know that technology hasn’t stopped in front of this!

In recent years many devices have been born that allow you to trim hair in places that a normal razor would not be able to reach. These are razors, very similar to the beard trimmers we know, have a particular precision tip, small enough to allow you to reach the cavities of the nose or ears. They are not too expensive and even less painful devices than you can imagine since the hair is cut and not eradicated.

rasoio meridian, tagliare i peli del naso, trimmer nose hair

A trimmer for ear and nose hair

What I present you in this post is the Up-Here by Meridian, a brand that always helped men take care of their intimate shaving and that has decided to help them not only “down there” but also “up here”.

The trimmer features a three-dimensional arc cutting head design with open slits to capture hair from all directions without damaging the nose or ear cavities. It comes with a cleaning brush, a USB charging cable, and a built-in auxiliary light to make cutting quick and easy. It’s lightweight, portable and available in 2 colors: the darker Onyx or lighter Sage.

So, now you know that there is an easy and quick solution to feel at your best: you just have to put it into practice!

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