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The Top Luxury Designers for Plus-Sized Men

Let’s take a look at some of the top luxury designers that have started to create clothing and shoes for plus-sized men

Men, just like women, often find themselves at a loss while looking for clothes in a market that simply does not make enough clothes for them to choose what they want to wear. One would think that more luxury brands would start making clothes for plus-sized people, but that is not entirely true either. Fortunately, things have started to change a lot and more designers are starting to realize that in real life, all their target customers do not come in the same slim and portable profiles as their models. Consequently, a number of top brands have started to create clothing and shoes for plus-sized men. Let’s take a look at some of those luxury brands next.

Alexander McQueen

Sarah Burton has both adopted and adapted the late MacQueen’s traditional and authentic vision in fashion. Thanks to her forward-thinking approach, larger men should have no issues in finding luxury designer clothing from the latest Alexander McQueen Collections. Just take a look at the latest selection of clothes and accessories from Alexander McQueen. For instance, check out the Oversized Sneakers range, which you can buy in US size 15 (Euro 48) if you need to. The Alexander MacQueen windbreakers, trench coats, and sweatshirts, on the other hand, are available in XS – XXXXL sizes, making it possible for even some of the biggest men to be comfortably well dressed in luxury designer wear.


Next, we have Burton with 100+ years of experience behind them, which too is gained exclusively by designing menswear. As one would expect from a suit maker of the highest repute, Burton supports and facilitates tailor-made clothing for men of all shapes, heights, weights, and stature. Even if you are not looking for a tailormade suit from Burton, rest assured that their range of sizes will be able to cover your fashion needs, whether you need dress shirts or bomber jackets.


If you are often told by the local brands that you are too tall, too big, or both to fit in their collection of clothes, Levi’s has you covered. In fact, the brand has an exclusive line-up of denim that is longer and larger than any of their other collections. With the maximum inside leg length of 38” and a maximum waist size of 50”, there are also plenty of choices in size for men to find their best fits. Also, you will get to choose in between all the regular jeans fit styles (straight, skinny, etc.) like everyone else.

Even if you are on the heavier side with muscle volume and height, you will face some of the same issues that plus-sized men do. Unfortunately, the plus-size section clothing won’t fit you either as your physique is large but not of the same type that those clothes are made for. Here is where brands like Alexander McQueen, Burton, and Levi’s earns extra points for making clothes that are simply bigger and longer than the usual XL size, without sporting the readjustments in design that are necessary for the plus-sized section.

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