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Guy Overboard is a plus size blog spreading Body Positivity and Self Love culture with outfit posts, beauty reviews, news about lifestyle & shopping

Riccardo Onorato è un fashion blogger uomo plus-size di Roma

Riccardo Onorato, born in 1987. Growing up in front of the sea of Naples, where I lived for 23 years, now I live in Rome. As a child I liked paint. Today I am a Multimedia & Graphic Designer, and I’m involved in projects related to creativity. I love sweets, music and Internet. Talkative by nature, I can’t stand the prejudices and that’s why I approached to fashion, going beyond the cliché of style as vanity.

So in May 2012 I founded the fashion blog Guy Overboard as a place for sharing my ideas on streetwear and urban style, expressed through news, inspiration, personal outfits, lifestyle and beauty. Overboard is synonymous with exaggerated, extravagant. Because men’s fashion can not just focus on the “balanced” sartorial style. Bu overboard means also that fashion can’t stop to the usual sizes.

Why “plus-size fashion blogger?”

In fact in the last years fashion has begun to wake up to the diversity of the bodies of the persons who wear clothes. In the female world, curvy spreads the idea that there are different types of body and not just one type of beauty. Happy women, who enjoy their body although more curvilinear.

This idea doesn’t have a counterpart in the menswear. Just because it makes no sense to talk about “curves” for male bodies. But even for men there are different types of body. And for men that feel happy in a most impressive body and in sizes not really regular, they can feel at ease in the definition of plus-size. Beautiful in their “big” nature.

Plus-size fashion blogger is a way to share a suitable fashion for every type of body, without compromising on style and trend.





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