About me

Guy Overboard is a plus size blog spreading Body Positivity and Self Love culture with outfit posts, beauty reviews, news about lifestyle & shopping

Riccardo Onorato è un fashion blogger uomo plus-size di Roma

Riccardo Onorato, born in 1987. Growing up in front of the sea of Naples, where I lived for 23 years, now I live in Rome. As a child I liked paint. Today I am an UX/UI Designer, and I’m involved in projects related to creativity. I love sweets, music and Internet. Talkative by nature, I can’t stand the prejudices and that’s why I approached to fashion, going beyond the cliché of style as vanity.

So in May 2012 I founded the fashion blog Guy Overboard as a place for sharing my ideas on streetwear and urban style, expressed through news, inspiration, personal outfits, lifestyle and beauty. Overboard is synonymous with exaggerated, extravagant. Because men’s fashion can not just focus on the “balanced” sartorial style. Bu overboard means also that fashion can’t stop to the usual sizes.

Why a blog dedicated to plus size men?

As I started writing articles and sharing news, I realized that many of the things I was talking about were not accessible to me in terms of sizes. I was talking about brands and collections that I could never wear.

So I decided to start from my experience, because it was something that happened in my life when I entered a shop: to understand if they had my size. There are many fat men like me out there who feel strong the desire to dress by expressing their identity (and creativity), but who live the limit caused by the sizes. I also felt the need to analyze the reason behind this problem and it was then that I approached the world of Body Positivity.

Today Guy Overboard has these two faces: one dedicated to the idea of ​​men’s clothing that adapts to every-body without compromising style and the other where I share my reflections about Body Positivity and Self Acceptance.

Because the world is made up of different bodies and all of them are worthy and valid, regardless of shape and size.





2015 – Glamour.it
Beauty reporter

2015 – Facce da Blogger

2017 – Food Gang Italia
Food reporter