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Illustrated Songs, my column on Exibart

Illustrated Songs is the column that I take care on the art free press Exibart where I analyze the music videos under an artistic profile

From almost a year I collaborate with Exibart, an Italian free press that deals with art. The column that I edit is called “Illustrated Songs”: I analyze the music videos as an artistic profile, going to seek out the quotes and the “lessons” that the directors have taken into their videoclips. 

In issue 79 I dedicated to the video clip of the Swedish singer Zhala filmed by the artist Makode Linde. Also, in this issue, it was added a small blurb of a similar analysis, that have as object the most famous album covers: I chose Sex Pistols and the cover of “God Save The Queen”. 

If you are interested, you can download the magazine in PDF at this address and let me know what you think! (the article is in Italian)

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