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Cheap Monday, Spring 2014

For Spring 2014, Cheap Monday plays with the idea of ​​hubris up, revealing the monstrous ego through an exaggerated silhouette and graphic narcissistic

For Spring 2014 the Swedish brand Cheap Monday plays with the idea of “arrogance”, making visible a monstrous ego through exaggerated silhouette and narcissistic graphics. The collection is based on an in-your-face aesthetic and a kick-ass attitude, channeling audacious artists from the 90s. The street look of that period emphasizes this new direction. The key colors of the season are black, white and gray melange, where the prints play an important role.

The Spring 2014 Collection consist of three themes: Exaggerated Silhouette, Fragmented Reality and Buffalo Riot. Exaggerated Silhouette offers self-centered prints, intarsia text, bold striped and contrasting shapes. Fragmented Reality is defined by collage prints, prints on prints, patchwork look, cut-outs, great details and gold. “More is more” is the motto for the ending theme, Buffalo Riot. Tribal lettering style with prints and graphics, a bright palette and color coatings form a cartoon aesthetic and a strong street vibe.

The Spring 2014 Collection by Cheap Monday makes no apologies and embraces the narcissism of our age, but at the same time paying homage to the original “me, myself & I”.


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