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How to update and renovate your living room with innovative pieces of ASOS SUPPLY living range

A smart way to add a creative touch to your living room: choose the triangular basket, the minimal bowls and the iron basket by ASOS Supply living range

ASOS Supply, home decor

For budget or time-related issues it’s difficult to make some improvements to your home.

But there are some very simple ideas that will allow you to upgrade your home without having to spend too much time or exorbitant amounts. Among these, today I want to focus on those regarding the living room.

ASOS Supply, home decor

The importance of a living room

Whether you live alone or with roommates, your home will sure have a common space where you can be quietly with friends or make parties: the living room!

The living room will surely be the most crowded place of your home and the most used one. For this reason, you can’t face a restyling. And you can’t crowd it with other things – like our dear mothers do with their living rooms full of  decorations.

Here’s how to update and renovate your living room with innovative pieces of ASOS SUPPLY living range.

ASOS Supply, home decor

Introduce some pattern

If your living room is not too big, a clever way to add a creative touch is with a pattern. An idea that you can scale according to your tastes. To insert patterns in your living room you can buy a triangular blanket with abstract patterns and tassels on the corners like the one you see in this post.

ASOS Supply, home decor

Add some (useful) metal

If you are among those people who love unique objects, you can choose an industrial mood. Using an iron basket will add a touch of design to your living room. But do not let it remain just a nice accessory to see. For example you can use it to store your friends’ gloves and scarves: you will finally have a place to store them and, thanks to the metallic material, the colors of the clothing accessories will make the living room more bright.

ASOS Supply, home decor

Use decorative bowls

Decorative bowls can be a great accessory for your living room. They can be used to light, by inserting candles, but they are also useful for snacks and sweets – like the 2 minimal style bowls you see in these photos.

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