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How to turn an electrical socket into a Smart Plug: first steps for a Smart Home

If you want to make your home more smart using a Smart Plug is the easiest and inexpensive way to turn your normal electrical socket into a smart socket

smart plug, presa intelligente, smart home

Every room in your home has an eletrical socket. And if today you decided to turn your home into a Smart Home, it would be necessary to update the electricity system, so that you can control, manage and monitor it from afar. You should therefore rely on an electrician to replace the normal power sockets with smart wall models.

But there’s a simpler and less expensive way to turn your normal socket into an intelligent one: use a Smart Plug.

smart plug, presa intelligente, smart home

What’s a Smart Plug?

A Smart Plug (or Smart Socket) is the essential part of any Smart Home.

And it is just what you can imagine: a plug to be inserted into the normal electrical socket. There is no need to change something. Just insert this additional plug, configure it via an app by connecting it to WiFi and use the app (or other devices) to control anything inserted into the Smart Plug.

smart plug, presa intelligente, smart home

What can I do with a Smart Plug?

Like all tech products, there are various models and brands of Smart Plug. Some have the built-in dimmer, so for example you will be able to adjust the brightness of a lamp that is connected to it even if the bulb you use is the simplest.

Others can be programmed, so that you can turn appliances on and off while you’re on vacation or to limit hours of use. How many times, when you leave the house, you don’t remember if you got the iron off? With a Smart Plug you will not have to live with anxiety or even go home to check: just turn off the smart socket from the app.

What are the best Smart Plugs for the home? Today I’m talking about two very similar Smart Plugs, the model BW-SHP2 by  and the model DG-SP01 by .

smart plug, presa intelligente, smart home

Blitzwolf and Digoo: comparison of 2 Smart Plug models

The Smart Plug by Blitzwolf is controlled via WiFi, but also has a physical control button that allows you to not use the app.

The Smart Plug can be managed through a special app (Blitzwolf) and can be integrated with the major Smart Home controls (Amazon Echo, Google Home). The connection through the app is really simple and has additional services such as knowing the consumption statistics for the single socket or create a timer to turn off or turn on the socket.

Also the smart socket by Digoo is managed via WiFi and has a physical control button, but additionally has 2 USB outputs (useful for example to charge the smartphone!) and a LED light, that you can adjust according to your needs in 8 modes. Among the services you can find here also the timer (both for the socket and for the LED), but no other additional service.

And you, are you ready to make your home more smart?

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